Harmon's Pool Repair
Swimming Pool Repair

Since 1973, Harmons has mastered the art of servicing the needs of our valued customers. We make pool ownership more convenient and affordable by utilizing innovative ideas to provide you with enhanced safety, reliability, dependability,reasonable prices, and guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Our professional team offers a complete line of swimming pool repair services in Springfield, Missouri and the surrounding area. We repair pumps, heaters, filters, automatic pool cleaners, dive under-water to fix and detect leaks in your swimming pool.

Pump Repair: We carefully check, diagnose the problem, and fix all types of pump troubles.

Heaters: Our trained and knowledgeable staff safely handles all of your heater concerns.

Filters: We expertly repair and sell new filters.

Automatic Pool Cleaners: We sell and service all makes and models of automatic swimming pool cleaners. They are an effective way to thoroughly clean your water by removing even small debris like insects. It will also considerably reduce costs and cut down on maintenance.

Under-water repairs: Our team of divers is certified and we use the latest techniques and tools to fix the problem saving you time, money, and water.

Leak Detection: We use the latest equipments to dive in under the water and fix the problem. If the problem is underground, we will pressure-test and listen with GEO phones to identify the leak. We also use ultra-sonic electronic listening devices.

If you would like to learn more, feel free to give us a call at (417) 882-1411 or fill out the contact form.