Harmons Pool & Spa Repair
Pool Leak Detection

As the leader in swimming pool leak detection in Springfield Missouri MO, Harmons uses the latest equipment to find your leak. If needed, we have an experienced certified diver on call. Diving under the water to fix the problem saves time and the expense of draining your pool. If the problem is underground, we will pressure test and listen with GEO phones to identify the leak. We also use ultra-sonic electronic listening devices.

During their lifetime, swimming pools will ultimately start having leak problems. If a leak is not repaired promptly, your swimming pool will lose many gallons of water, not to mention those expensive chemicals!. Leaks will also cause your swimming pool water to become chemically imbalanced. This will require you to spend more money to maintain proper chemical balance in your swimming pool. Other problems caused by leaks include damages to the structure of your pool, creating cracks and excessive algae and mold growth.

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