Harmon’s Expert Tips Water Chemistry
The ideal pH for swimming pool water is 7.5. A pH range of 7.4-7.6 is considered acceptable. Maintaining an alkalinity range from 80-120 ppm will help minimize changes in pH, which can result in scaling and corrosion. Chlorine levels should be kept between 1.0- 2.0.

  STEP #1: BALANCE – In order to insure the effectiveness of swimming pool chemicals, pool water must be pH balanced. It is the first, most important step.
  STEP #2: SANITIZE – To keep the water clean, bacteria-free, and safe for swimming the water must be sanitized. We recommend using an automatic chlorinator.
  STEP #3: SHOCK – Super-chlorination, or shocking, prevents cloudy water, chlorine odor, and eye and skin irritation. It is very effective for weekly maintenance.
  STEP #4: ALGAE CONTROL – Prevention of algae before it grows is critical to keeping a pool crystal clear and inviting. Prevent algae with an Algaecide.